Why the Elastic Design should not die!

Somewhere I read that the Elastic Design is dead because now all major browsers can make zoom on the page, so if someone (one of those users with vision problems that no one knows but we know they exist because statistics says that) find the font size small, she can adjust it without breaking the design. That claim can't be more selfish.

I'm one of those users, and although pressing Ctrl++ is an easy task, also is annoying to have to do it on almost every web site. Cheers for the genius that thought that is a good idea developing web pages with a font size of 10 pixels (font-size: 62.5%; somebody?).

There must be an easy way! A way in which I can tell my browser what my preferred font size is (20, by the way) and then have it render every page using that size. Well, of course that exists (Preferences, Content, Fonts and Colors, Advanced in Firefox), but fixed layouts are more easy to develop so almost always my preference is overwritten. Damn it! Sure, I can force my browser to render all the pages with a font size not smaller than a specified one (Preferences, Content, Fonts and Colors, Advanced, Minimum font size), but when I do that almost every layout gets broken.

I'll tell you a freak story: A friend of mine, who also have a visual disability, loves to press Ctrl+- in every website that she visits (I know, it doesn't make sense, but whatever). Why can't she specify 8 as her preferred font size and let the pages render in function of that?

What a shame! We are using electronic interfaces which are design and develop like if they were a piece of paper.