More Vim scripts problems

I become irrationally angry and wish horrible torture upon the poor soul who wrote the (altogether pretty good) vim plugin I'm using, because who are they to not include every single verb and noun that my fingers have painstakingly learned over the past few years.

The problem with Vim.

Will Haldean Brown isn't just right, he has considered only the most obvious Vim scripts annoyance. I have found two more.

Vim scripts work againts Vim

Unite, for example, ignores the Vim grepprg option. Instead, it uses its own g:unite_source_grep_command variable, among others to determine its behavior. netrw has a similar annoyance: it depends on its g:netrw_list_hide variable instead of using the value of wildignore. And it gets worse...

Instead of keeping the standard Ctrl+X Ctrl+O map to trigger the omni completion menu Jedi uses Ctrl+Space. Yes, I know the later key combination is easier than the former, but...

Vim scripts do not follow the UNIX philosophy

Why should Jedi take care of the map that triggers omni completion? Isn't the Supertab task? Shouldn't Jedi have been implemented just as an omni completion funcion, like Tern for Vim, an let other scripts complete the magic? And talking about Tern, shouldn't it be splited into little scripts which talk to the Tern engine itself to do just one task, like provide jump-to-definition using Ctrl+] instead of defining its own TernDef command?

I feel the urge to learn the Vim script language and send a couple of pull requests instead of list more examples.